CoinHive Monero Crypto Mining Malware Hits 30,000 Routers in India as CryptoJacking Threat Continues

Before India, the infestation hit thousands of computers in Brazil with the crypto mining malware, reports indicate. These hackers seem to be waging a war on the internet and have forced almost 280,000 MicroTik routers in Latin America to mine Monero (XMR) for them.

According to the reports, the number of compromised computers in India is very high and has doubled since the past month. In the top 3 cities of the country alone, the infection rate has grown by 500%. Even worse, internet service providers in India are distributing infected routers unaware of the issues that have affected them.

The main malware that is being used by the hackers is a modified version of the Coinhive mining protocol, which enables browsers to mine crypto normally and is particularly focused on Monero.

Coinhive is a tool that can even be used for charities, for instance, but it can also be indirectly used to steal computer power from other people and mine cryptos at their computers...Read More…

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