Does Your Motherboard Have a Secret Chinese Spy Chip?

According to security researchers, the supply chain attack outlined in Bloomberg’s reporting is plausible. The only problem is the lack of evidence. So far, no one has released details of this Chinese spy chip. Nor has anyone ever publicly reported finding it.

It hasn’t helped that Apple, Amazon, and the manufacturer of the motherboards, Super Micro, have all vehemently denied the reporting in Bloomberg’s news story, sparking confusion over how real the threat is. That could mean one of two things: Either Bloomberg’s story is wrong or China has managed to pull off this supply chain attack for years, undetected.

Whatever the case may be, security researchers are hopeful they’ll get to the bottom of the mystery in the coming weeks. Many have been digging through and analyzing the server motherboards from Super Micro, with the goal of finding any unusual activity or actual presence of a secret spy chip. However, if the hidden backdoor is real, chances are China used it selectively to prevent detection. The chip itself also wouldn’t be easy to find, according to Joe Fitzpatrick, a researcher at More…

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