New WhatsApp hijacking method is using voicemail system to hack accounts

Technology is progressing every day and so are the ways to misuse it. At a time when data costs less than a pack of bread and Internet is omnipresent, privacy has been reduced to being only a myth. There is a new report almost every day on how hackers are targeting popular platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to snoop into the private lives of people. There are new methods being devised these hackers to steal data.

One such unique method of hacking WhatsApp account has come into the light in Israel. While WhatsApp in India is struggling with the fake message problem, the Israel government’s cyber-security agency has sent out a nation-wide security alert about a new method of WhatsApp hacking that’s done basically via phone’s voicemail systems.

According to a ZDNet report, the new hacking method was first reported in year 2017 by an Israeli web developer named Ran Bar-Zik. The reports of WhatsApp accounts hacked using phone’s voicemail started floating in following which the cyber-security agency sent a security alert...Read More…

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