Wiping your phone can no longer save you from the police

Usually, when people get into trouble and know their phones and laptops will be seized by the police, the first instinct is to delete everything

Some people will tell you that you are safe wiping your phone or laptop and deleting all its content.

 This is however not the case as demonstrated by cybersecurity experts over the last couple of years.

With just Sh4 million shillings, law enforcement agencies can acquire a machine that can crack any phone and retrieve all its content – even that which is deleted.

The Israeli-made machine – Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) – is sold only to approved government and corporate organizations.

The machine can crack passwords and extract varying degrees of data from almost every smartphone on the market.

Photos, texts, locations and more can be extracted from the phone’s memory even if previously wiped.

A video by the BBC shows that this machine can extract all deleted call logs and place you and the people you talked to at the specific locations you were at...Read More…

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