Canberra public servant fired for surfing porn, cyber expert questions security system

It is not what taxpayers expect government workers to do in their office, but one Canberra public servant was fired last year for looking up hundreds of pornographic images over several months — often for hours on end.

Key points:

  • The Canberra public servant looked up hundreds of images, sometimes movies, for hours on end over months
  • He admitted to the misconduct in an interview where photos were shown to him
  • A cybersecurity expert says the case shows the Government’s security system is weak

The case was one of several computer misuse investigations revealed in documents obtained under freedom of information laws.

While employed in the Community Services Directorate, the man viewed more than 200 pornographic images and accessed four adult websites in 2016 and 2017 before losing his job, the documents show.

Most photos were of naked or nearly naked women, which the man later admitted looking at “mainly for sexual purposes” but added “probably one tenth of it” was for his hobby as a self-taught pencil sketcher.

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