IoT ‘detect sewage overflow’ stalled

Hyderabad: While there has been a discussion on using the Internet of Things (IoT) in real time, especially as part of the smart cities project, on the ground, the implementation does not seem to be a viable solution.

The state government had issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to detect drainage overflow by setting up sensors in pipelines in May. The project has been shelved citing lack of a proper response. 

The drainage system is not high-tech and several leakages or overflows can be found at various parts. Whenever there is leakage it is difficult to figure out the exact location and quick alerts are not received. As a result residents become victims of stench and inconvienence. 

The idea was to use sensors to detect variations in the flow of sewage and give alerts of blockages and locate them using IoT, send SMS to the nearest worker to repair it. However, the project could not be realised despite premier institutes publishing several projects. ..Read More..

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