First Publicly Known Malicious Crypto-Mining Campaign Launched Via Kodi

Researchers detected what they believe is the first publicly known malicious crypto-mining campaign launched via the open-source media player Kodi.

This month, Slovakian IT security company ESET discovered malware hidden in XvBMC, a Dutch repository for third-party Kodi add-ons. Further analysis revealed that threat actors had initially infected two other repositories with the malware in December 2017 and January 2018. From those two sources, the malware spread to XvBMC and throughout the rest of the Kodi platform.

Windows and Linux users ended up running the final malware payload, a Monero cryptocurrency miner, by adding the URL of a malicious repository to their Kodi installation or installing a Kodi build that contained either a malicious repository or an infected add-on. No variants targeting Android or macOS users were detected by ESET.

At the time of disclosure, the malware had infected 4,774 users and generated approximately $6,700. ..Read More..

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