Crypto-Currency Wallet Portal Jaxx Deactivated Following Malware Attack

A cyber-attack that distributed malicious software aiming at Jaxx wallet owners of crypto-currencies used one spoofed website of the actual Jaxx portal. But from the time Flashpoint analysts found several infections occurring from the attack, the fake website is being made non-operational.

The widely-used crypto-currency wallet, Jaxx is credited with downloads over 1.2m attempts onto mobile phones and desktops. The wallet’s most recent edition Jaxx Liberty is used for Ethereum, Bitcoin as well as over twelve other crypto-currencies.

Previously during September 2018, Flashpoint informed Jaxx website as well as delivery network of Cloudflare content about the fake portal which spoofed Jaxx’s after its creation on 19th August. There was an URL for the spoofed website which resembled the real jaxx[.]io website while contained copies of every line from the original Jaxx website. The download web-links were modified for diverting visitors onto an attackers’ controlled server. ..Read More..

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