CVE-2018-17144: Bitcoin Core Vulnerability Could Have Crashed the Network

The Bitcoin Core client which is among the most popular wallet software for the Bitcoin digital currency has been updated with a new critical patch. The discovered vulnerability is described as as a dangerous denial-of-service (DoS) instance that can crash a significant part of the peer-to-peer network.

The exact problem lies within the ability to crash older versions of the software when they attempt to process a block transaction. This was observed when attempting to spend the same amount twice. The statement shows that such blocks are created by miners and labelled as invalid. Such blocks are created by “burning” blocks of at least 12 BTC at a time.

The newly released updated includes a control feature that checks for conditions that can lead to the exploitation of the issue. Potential crashes are to be rejected automatically by the latest software. The critical problem lies in the fact that many malicious users could have used a distributed zero-day attack on the Bitcoin network using the core software. Fortunately the quick update to the software prevents this from being reality. ..Read More..

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