GDPR is having an effect on websites using third-party cookies

GDPR has been in force for close to three months and a new study shows third-party cookies on news websites are on the decline.

GDPR is barely three months old, but new research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism shows that third-party content and cookie use are both on the decline since the regulation was enforced.

The research examined third-party content on news sites in April and July of this year. This helped to get a read on things before and after the stringent data rules came into force.

Homepage analysis of more than 200 of Europe’s most prominent news sites showed little change in the overall percentage 0f sites containing some form of third-party content (99pc) or third-party cookies (98pc).

A drop in third-party cookies

When you get down to the granular level of the research, things get a bit more interesting, as the authors discovered a 22pc drop in the number of third-party cookies across all news sites.

In April, German news sites had the second-lowest number of cookies and only exhibited a further decrease of 6pc fewer cookies in July. The UK had the most third-party cookies per page in April and this dropped by a whopping 45pc in July. ..Read More..

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