Machine Learning: Essential in Cloud Service Management

As businesses today compete more and more on digital experience, you need to ensure that what’s delivered performs optimally and provides an outstanding customer experience. With increasing complexities, growth and change in your IT infrastructure, you need complete visibility into the performance and availability of IT infrastructure, and also the applications that ride on it.  To succeed in this modern domain, your IT operations team needs to be more proactive than reactive.

Proactive operations management have long been a goal of client-centric operations: the ability to avoid issues rather than simply reacting to issues more effectively or more efficiently. It is time traditional IT service management transforms to remain relevant. The good news is that machine learning has advanced to a stage where this is achievable at scale.

Machine learning may have been a distant dream, but not anymore. Almost every system or gadget, whether complex or simple, is getting smarter using basic pattern recognition and computational learning, which is the basis of any machine learning technology. ..Read More..

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