​Machine learning: Making it work in the real world

Machine learning promises to help businesses automate processes and make smarter decisions based on the huge amounts of data they collect. The result could be sharper insight and better performance. But machine learning and artificial intelligence are still emerging technologies for most companies and few have got further than pilot projects. So how can machine learning best be used to create business benefit? Four industry experts give their best practice tips on making the most of machine learning.


Dentsu Aegis CIO Gideon Kay says his work around machine learning is focused on automation. The aim is to create algorithms that help the advertising specialist’s customers work out what content resonates and to target information to the right audiences around the globe. One area of application is in what Kay refers to as ‘media-mix modelling’.

“If you want to advertise a product on television, then understanding the factors that influence demand in certain audiences at certain times can help you know which slots you want to book in a schedule,” he says. “We’re using machine learning to build-out algorithms and capabilities that will support our analysis in that space.” ..Read More..

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