How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect the Risk of Nuclear War?

As technology has progressed, humans have become ever more powerful. With this power comes great opportunity and great risk. Nowhere is this clearer than in the potential of artificial intelligence. But a new report from the RAND corporation suggests that our misconceptions about what the technology can do may be as dangerous as the technology itself.

If you’re a singularity believer, according to the RAND report, “Superintelligence would render the world unrecognizable and either save or destroy humanity in the process.” A world with human-level AI could be unimaginably different to the world of today—and difficult to make predictions about.

Yet society is trying to adjust to the smart algorithms (“weak AI”) that increasingly influence our lives. A recent report outlined the potential for AI capabilities to be used by bad actors.

Nuclear weapons remain, perhaps, foremost in people’s minds as an existential threat. The report focuses on how lesser AI might alter the shaky nuclear equilibrium we’ve been living in since the Trinity Test gave birth to the nuclear age. ..Read More..

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