VPNFilter – is a malware timebomb lurking on your router?

Researchers at Cisco Talos just published a report documenting a giant-sized IoT botnet known as VPNFilter.

More than 500,000 devices around the world are said to be infected with this malware – most of them are consumer internet routers from a range of different vendors, with some consumer NAS (network attached storage) devices known to have been hit as well.

To explain.

IoT is short for internet of things, and refers to all those internet-connected devices in our lives that are small enough, and cheap enough, and everyday enough, that we forget they’re really just tiny computers in much the same way that our laptops and mobile phones are computers.

As a result, IoT devices often end up attracting little or no attention to cybersecurity while they’re being designed, when they’re shipped, or after they’re installed.

And a botnet refers to a robot network, also known as a zombie network.

That’s where crooks implant malware on thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of computers at the same time, in such a way that they can secretly send programmatic commands to each of them – one by one, or all at the same time. ..Read More..

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