In the internet age, fake news is a new form of war

Data and the right to privacy has become one of the most pressing issues in the tech world today.

The rise of social media and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning initially promised a more open and advanced world. But with the fake news, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandals, as well as numerous huge data breaches globally, a darker side to tech has been unleashed.

Fake news proved to be an effective tool to sway public opinion and tarnished the media sector. Millions of people were manipulated, targeted specifically to help spread a particular message, propaganda or even lie.

“Fake news is a strategy of war,” Jessica Barker, a cyber security consultant who believes fake news will attack corporates next, tells The National. “The reason is because it’s effective. Some organisations will engage in activity to discredit their competitors. It will be a form to influence reputation and trust that consumers have.” ..Read More..

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