Arkansas Agency Catches Criminals with Cryptocurrency

In 2017, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office (Arkansas) cyber crimes unit came across a problem when, during a vice operation, the need came up for the agency to use Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency. “Nobody happened to have any Bitcoin laying around and we were very leery purchasing Bitcoin with a Sheriff’s Office credit card,” says Detective Olin Rankin. In this instance, Rankin ended up using his personal debit card to purchase Bitcoin online in order to use the funds during the operation. He knew, however, that using his own card to purchase the cryptocurrency wasn’t a sustainable practice. “We needed to find a resource to have Bitcoin on our end without having to have the personal side of it involved,” he says.

Though it has only been around for about a decade, Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that allows users to make purchases—even international purchases—easily, as it’s neither tied to one country nor bank. It can also be used to purchase things anonymously, a fact that makes it a popular payment type on the dark web. ..Read More..

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