Quantum Security: Quantum Key Distribution is the end of Malware?

Twenty years ago, it would’ve been hard to imagine how much the quantum revolution was going to transform our lives. Now, we’re pretty sure that quantum communication is the solution to nefarious hacking activities. Here, we explore further.

In part 2 of this series, we covered the most practical quantum developments. We even put a date on the creation of the quantum Internet, using the Chinese Micius quantum satellites project.

Experts estimate that a global quantum communication system could be operational by 2030, but this isn’t a target date for any specific developer as far as we could find.

Actually, there’s no “global vision” for a quantum communication system. This begs the question:

Would the anticipated quantum network suffer from the same inherent flaws of our current communication system?

As the Internet grew, security wasn’t a priority until hacking became a problem. This led to rampant abuse of the system which still continues today. Now, we have the opportunity to not let that happen again...Read More..

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