Of course internet existed in the time of Mahabharata

If it were left to the BJP leaders, all scientific and technological advancements of our times would be attributed to the Vedas, the Bhagwad Gita, Mahabharata and Ramayana. 

For example, Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb, while inaugurating a two-day workshop on computerisation of Public Distribution System (PDS) on April 17, claimed: “Internet and satellite communication had existed in the days of Mahabharata. Sanjay [the charioteer of king Dhritarashtra] using the technology gave a detailed account and description to the blind king about the battle of Kurukshetra.”

Sadly, he did not stop there. He added: “The Europeans and the Americans may claim that it is their invention, but it is actually our technology. Internet and satellite system had existed lakhs of year ago. How could Dhritarashtra see through Sanjay’s eyes? There was technology available at that time… Internet was there, satellite communication was there.” ..Read More..

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