Protecting Privacy Inside and Outside the House

The incognito and private browsing modes built into most modern browsers shield your online activity at home — but maybe not to the rest of the world.

Q. If I browse in incognito mode, can anyone still track my movements around the web?

A. Incognito mode — also known as InPrivate or Private Browsing mode, depending on the browser — does offer some protection, but is mostly designed to shield your web travels from other people using the same computer. When you have the privacy setting enabled, the browser typically does not save cookies, searches, temporary files or a list of the pages you visited during your session for others to discover.

However, as most browsers themselves warn, the incognito or private mode does not make you fully anonymous online. The websites you viewed may have a record of your visit, and your internet service provider, office network administrator or your school might be able to see your activity. Malicious software can also record your web activity and keystrokes regardless of your privacy settings. ..Read More..

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