Google Says New ‘Adiantum’ Cryptography Will Bring Storage Encryption to All Android Devices

Google has created a special encryption method for cheaper entry-level smartphones called Adiantum which would be an optional part of Android distributions going forward. To ensure that all devices are encrypted, Adiantum is an innovation in cryptography, designed to make storage encryption more efficient for devices without cryptographic acceleration, Google wrote in a security blog […]

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Lowering the costs of encrypted data storage in trusted computing

ASHBURN, Va. – With the use of unmanned vehicles increasing dramatically in the air, on the ground, and sea, protecting sensitive data on those trusted computing platforms with has become a critical challenge. Until recently, Type 1 encryption devices were the only choice available to protect data-at-rest. The lengthy development times and high costs of […]

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Intel announces Sunny Cove CPU architecture for 2019

MANILA, Philippines – Intel on Wednesday, December 12, announced its latest CPU chip architecture which the company called Sunny Cove as part of its Architecture Day event. Four of the features that come with the Sunny Cove architecture are the following: Enhanced microarchitecture to execute more operations in parallel. New algorithms to reduce latency. Increased size of key […]

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