Navy looks to expand the reach of its information warfare teams

The Navy is considering extending its information warfare enterprise beyond the tactical space to compete with adversaries on a broader level, one that may not include specific battlefields, though details regarding how the service may do this aren’t yet apparent. Vice Adm. Matthew Kohler, deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare and director of […]

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What the Pentagon’s new AI strategy means for cybersecurity

The new Pentagon artificial intelligence strategy serves as a roadmap for how the American military will embrace machine learning in future cyber operations, which could be a boon for companies who invest in the technology. Released Feb 12, the Pentagon’s strategy shows how the American military will rely on artificial intelligence as a defensive tool. […]

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Commentary: ‘All options’ has little meaning

On Feb. 3, President Donald Trump again said that U.S. military intervention was a possibility if worse came to worse in Venezuela. “All options are on the table,” he swaggered the week before. It has become a signature American threat — all options — born of the 1990 Gulf War against Saddam, one that suggests […]

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