Searched Engine allegedly hacked by Iranian Hackers

The most popular Web search engine in China,, was attacked by a group of hacktivists identifying themselves as the Iranian Cyber Army. The hackers hijacked the domain’s DNS records and pointed it to a server under their control. Baidu is a Chinese search engine established in 2000. According to the Alexa traffic ranking, the website is currently number one in China and eight in the world. Additionally, dominates the search engine market in the country with over a 77 percent share. Baidu’s website had the image of an Iranian flag and a shattered Star of David. The website also had a sentence written in Farsi language that read, ”In reaction to the US authorities intervention in Iran’s internal affairs. This is a warning.” Although Baidu was able to restore the site after two and half hours, it is rare for the Chinese search giant to be down for so long since the company prides itself of having one of the best security protection systems.

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